Paper Work now an Outdated Trend as 'PaperVision Capture' Digitizes Insurance Claims
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Paper Work now an Outdated Trend as 'PaperVision Capture' Digitizes Insurance Claims

By CIOReview | Thursday, August 27, 2015

GREENWOOD VILLAGE, CO: Bringing a change to the orthodox paperbound practice still prevailing in the rigorous workflow of Healthcare Industry, Digitech Sytems; a company capitalizing on enterprise content management (ECM) introduces PaperVision Capture out doing its own previous version with added features.

The newly launched enterprise document capture software significantly reduces insurance claim costs, streamlines workflow, and shortens time for processing paper claims.

Optimizing on healthcare and health insurance industries, the software automatically manages the paper processes. It enables the users to create a digital workflow quickly and rather efficiently, including the standard setting ability to accurately read and classify paperwork. It applies customized business rules to streamline insurance claims and accurately update claims adjudication information.

“The tool completely automates the data capture process for insurance claims. With this new solution, end users will save money in claims processing and manual record-keeping and value-added resellers can deliver a comprehensive ECM solution that can scale to support any kind of healthcare environment,” says Sean Morris, Director of Sales, Digitech Systems.

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The drag and drop graphical user interface feature makes it an easy to design electronic claims process to setup claims documents to extract required data, configuring with 837 HIPAA  output.

The technology attempts bring about an industry transformation with its patented artificial intelligence technology that mimics the human eye-to-brain connection to identify and classify documents by type and to extract relevant data based on the type designation.

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