Paper-Less MV2 Bolsters Production Process through an Errorless Workflow

By CIOReview | Friday, March 25, 2016

OCONOMOWOC, WI: Paper-Less, demonstrates the best-in-class Manufacturing Execution System (MES) software across the global market, recently introduced its new version of Production Management Software as Paper-Less MV2. The software has been designed to be easily integrated with any ERP  system.  

“The Paper-Less MV2 product is the culmination of over 20 years of experience working within the manufacturing sector. Manufacturers will realize an immediate and positive impact and a significant ROI by deploying the Paper-Less MV2 product”, says Mike LeRoy, Director, Paper-Less.

The company‘s comprehensive platforms streamlines support in developing and designing Manufacturing Execution Software for enterprise’s shop floor and warehouse applications. Its recently launched software offers customers better visibility and quality control options during the production process. The offerings of PaperLess reduce inventory stages, and upgrade the quality by eliminating wastage. It further helps to enhance MES information accuracy and timeliness with tools throughout the production process.

MV2 is the core of digital Manufacturing Execution System (MES) solution that offers data manufacturers a single platform combined with all of its unique modules such as Time and Attendance, Inventory, Kanban and Quality. The first module of MV2 lead companies to reconcile time and attendance data against their reported production data in one system by reducing manual time reporting systems.

Inventory module enables consistent workflow while optimizing production intelligence data. Kanban module accelerates and simplifies the adoption of lean manufacturing processes. It is easy to implement and improves inventory management functionalities by the offerings of Kanban tools. Paper-Less MV2 Quality module provides real-time visibility including quality-related concerns such as administration, control plan design, control plan testing, non-conformance management and data extract.The integrated platform of MV2 leads operators to view an errorless workflow by representing the production floor activities with better visibility across the enterprise. It includes notifications and alert functionalities which are essential during the time of operations.