PAR Launches Brink POS V3.6 with Integrated Heartland E3 Encryption

By CIOReview | Friday, May 27, 2016
Robert O. Carr, Chairman and CEO, Heartland Payment Systems, Inc.

Robert O. Carr, Chairman and CEO, Heartland Payment Systems, Inc.

NEW HARTFORD, NY: Retail POS systems provider—ParTech (PAR) has launched a new version of its Brink POS software, equipped with more than twenty fresh features. Conversational ordering capab

ilities, new touch support technology for kitchen operations and integration with Heartland Payment Systems are some of the new features included in Version 3.6 (V3.6).

Conversational ordering inside the new Version 3.6 has been greatly modified to provide a more vibrant and smooth customer order experience. With the new update, customers are now able to make or break, upsize or downsize combos, via the press of single button. In addition, major enhancements have been made to the configuration of combos which offers users more flexibility with pricing and functionality. V3.6 also brings touch screen support for kitchen operations to help users facilitate navigation while improving efficiency inside the kitchen.

Furthermore, integrated Heartland Payment Systems’ E3 end-to-end encryption technology within V3.6 enables PAR clients to strengthen their security for payment transactions.  Other features in V3.6 include splitting items between checks, differentiating notes for items on kitchen chits, advanced onscreen keyboards for mobile tablets and the ability to assign different surcharges by delivery zone.

“The feature and functionality benefits along with our new partnership with Heartland Payment Systems is further evidence of our commitment to delivering industry leading solutions to our customers so they can continue to deliver great customer experiences,” says Paul Rubin, Vice President, Brink Software, ParTech.