Paragon Kick Starts New Alignment Solutions with Host Analytics EPM Suite to Amplify Business Growth

By CIOReview | Monday, March 21, 2016

CRANFORD, NJ: Paragon Solutions has adapted Host Analytics’ proprietary cloud-based Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) platform and entered in a new partnership with the EPM suite provider. Paragon Solutions is a global consultant of business and technology services, additionally it delivers specialized enterprise information management services that helps clients to lift up their operational efficiency, business capability, and regulatory compliance. The new alignment with Host Analytics will lead Paragon Solutions to deliver cloud based EPM suite to its Life Sciences customers to accelerate their business growth.

“We’re excited about the capabilities and benefits our clients stand to gain from Host Analytics Cloud EPM Suite. Our partnership will benefit our Life Sciences clients who are looking for a comprehensive system that will help automate, consolidate, and optimize their finance processes. Our clients have a significant need to understand and transform their data into actionable intelligence to improve financial processes and operations, as well as improve upon those operations for a more effective finance organization,” says Geoff Lewis, Vice President, Paragon.

Host Analytics is best-known as a global market disrupter for its cloud-based enterprise performance management (EPM) offerings. The company’s cloud EPM suite offers an effective solution that seamlessly combines organization’s finance and operations functionalities. The solutions enhances and improves client’s business infrastructures by offering five key processes that includes accurate modeling, effective planning, data consolidation, reporting, strong analytics and secured cloud platforms.

The company creates operational models that align with client’s financial plans via safe collaborations across Excel, Web and Mobile. The key features of the process include interactive query and analysis, advanced modeling and excel-based reporting. The second step is facilitating effective planning within the deadline by utilizing pre-built applications with excel front end and flexible planning and forecasting options. Host Analytics provides seamless support to client’s data integration procedures via its EPM Consolidation solution. Its reporting process produces expandable interactive financial and management reports from a single report writer and offers quickly unlock options without scripting and coding. It reduces compliance costs with strong controls and a full audit trail. The fourth process is Analytics that helps companies to create and manage their performance and scorecards that are generated at enterprise, department, and individual levels. The Cloud Platform is the fifth process of EPM suit that allows organizations to avail with easy administration access. It is not a time consuming process but a cost effective process and also helps companies to ensure their compliance with critical regulatory requirements.