Paragon Solutions Introduces Quality Service Analytics for the Pharmaceutical Industry
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Paragon Solutions Introduces Quality Service Analytics for the Pharmaceutical Industry

By CIOReview | Tuesday, January 5, 2016

CRANFORD, N.J: Paragon Solutions, a commerce and technology consulting firm unleashed their new Quality Analytics Service (QAS). This service aids Life Sciences organizations in maintaining awareness of the current state of manufacturing quality and comply by Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and other regulatory entity requirements. “Like other health authorities, the United States FDA is pursuing industry standards for quality metrics and the need to collect, integrate and manage manufacturing data which is becoming critical in maintaining a strong compliance position,” reports Kevin Lea, Vice President and Client Partner at Paragon Solutions.

Quality Analytics’ integrated approach combines Key Performance Indicating parameters (KPIs), industry best practices, Health Authority priorities, and critical metrics. Identification and consistent evaluation of the KPIs help in delivering decision support capabilities, business process design and a robust analytics foundation. Integrating the advanced capabilities of its Quality Analytics Services with deep expertise in manufacturing and business intelligence, Paragon easily identifies the data for improvement and synchronizes the data models and tools to promote a unified view of quality across organizations.

Paragon has worked with three of the top 10 pharmaceutical manufactures along with Tier 2 and Tier 3 life sciences organizations, marking it a pioneer in quality management and compliance process improvement services. Paragon is also planning to release other advanced versions of QAS—DIA (Drug Information Association), GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices), Quality Systems Reference model, currently under final review by the Drug Information Association.

Paragon’s solution enables metric-related data models to be synchronized for further improvement and tools to promote a unified view of Quality across organizations. “Paragon with its quality analytics, provides monitoring and reporting standard to add significant value to the current supply chain as well as future product line expansions, thereby delivering competitive advantage for any manufacturing industry, ” reports Business Wire.

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