Parasoft Updates PIE; Delivers Actionable Information
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Parasoft Updates PIE; Delivers Actionable Information

By CIOReview | Friday, March 25, 2016

MONROVIA, CA: On the occasion of International Pi Day, Parasoft announced updates to its Process Intelligence Engine (PIE), the technology that drives organizations towards understanding the intersection between technical and business risks. Parasoft researches and develops software solutions that help organizations deliver defect-free software efficiently. PIE, acting as the brain behind Development Testing Platform (DTP) enables organizations to rapidly find and remediate application hotspots based on defined business priorities. Additionally, it helps firms in highlighting opportunities to improve the software development process.

PIE, released in 2013, analyzes data collected from disparate parts of the software development infrastructure and prioritizes the findings. The analysis is utilized to deliver intelligent, actionable tasks which allow users to mitigate the risks associated with the software release candidate. “If you’re relying on a dashboard to determine the technical issues and business risk associated with a build you’re too late,” said Mark Lambert, VP of Product Management, Parasoft.

Quality processes have to match pace with the development activities for incorporating lean and iterative methodologies, but organizations usually are forced to slow down for interpreting static reports and dashboards. This problem is addressed by delivering intelligent, actionable, and prioritized analytics directly to the developer’s Integrated Development Environment (IDE). This in turn allows the developer to promptly fix the issues without interrupting their workflow. Moreover, the update to PIE includes the release of new intelligent logic-flows, called “PIE slices,” which assists in rapidly delivering actionable information to both managers and developers leveraging PIE’s unique post-process analysis. These PIE slices are made available in the Parasoft Marketplace and helps users to automatically discover any business risk associated deep within the code, coupled with efficient and rapid remediation.

The revamped version of PIE hosts an array of services. Apart from identifying business risks in the code, it additionally helps in correlating and analyzing data aggregated from numerous SDLC practices and systems. Furthermore, PIE runs test only on codes which have been changed.

Original News Headline: Parasoft Sweetens International PI Day with Process Intelligence Engine (PIE) Updates