PARPRO Launched INB-400 as Latest version of I/O Expansion Card

By CIOReview | Wednesday, March 23, 2016

CARLSBAD, CA: PARPRO, a popular design solutions and manufacturing company, has released PARPRO INB-400 as its latest version of I/O card. Based on the BladeCenter Platform the company unlocked its INB-400, which is a Quad 10G Ethernet (CFFh) IO Expansion card.  The I/O card provides network enterprises and data centers with concentrative transmission frequencies including content rich applications, additionally I/O functions or process expansion options.

PARPRO delivers switching platforms and multi-core processor cards and blades to network enterprises. It offers comprehensive engineering-rich hardware systems with low-to-high volume manufacturing and integration/test capabilities that enable enterprises to improve their server’s performances. The company’s manufacturing offerings accommodates multiple applications and replaces multiple network and storage connections server with a single cable.  PARPRO’s launched product helps enterprises to develop their server management functionalities by reducing unnecessary cable usage while connecting servers with both storage and network traffic. The product was developed to support the needs of an existing BladeCenter based solution.

PARPRO INB-400 is designed for HS22 and HS23 BladeCenter hosts and it features two Intel 82599 Dual 10Gbe controllers. Whereas each of its controllers are connected to the BladeCenter hosts through an x8 Gen2 PCIe interface.  The key highlights also include TCP, IP checksum offload, TCP, segmentation offload, and PXE 2.0 remote boot support. INB-400 is capable to work on Dual PCI Express x8 Gen2 Interface as well as Quad 10G Ethernet. The range of temperature to operate the card should be 5 to 40°C including 8 to 80% humidity adjustable functionality; additionally it has 15W power consumption capacity. The Intel 4-port 10 Gb Ethernet Expansion Card (CFFh) Offers  advanced technologies of iSCSI boot standard network that includes extended support to PXE remote boot VLAN filtering and XAUI. The product is designed and manufactured to seamlessly meet the requirements of UL and FCC Class A/ and Compliant to the BladeCenter specifications.