Partnering with IBM Netezza users and Yellowbrick to offer a path forward

Partnering with IBM Netezza users and Yellowbrick to offer a path forward

By CIOReview | Monday, January 2, 2023

It provides IBM Netezza data warehouse users with a faster, cheaper, and better hybrid cloud alternative.

FREMONT, CA:  As the leading multicolor data warehouse vendor, yellow brick Data today announced a reseller partnership with Smart Associates, a global data migration and integration company serving blue chip companies in North America, Europe, and Asia, on Netezza data migration and integration projects. A team of former IBM Netezza Support engineers has joined Smart Associates to offer a global After Life Support Service in response to IBM's announcement of Netezza's end-of-life. Smart Associates can now offer IBM Netezza users the Yellow brick Data Warehouse as well as services that help them move forward with a faster, cost-effective solution and easy migration.

With the impending end-of-life of IBMs Mako-generation Netezza systems, customers ask us for migration assistance. They expect an alternative platform that is broadly compatible, but with significantly better performance, multi and hybrid cloud capabilities, plus fair, transparent, and predictable pricing, said Huw Ringer, CEO at Smart Associates. Yellowbrick meets all these requirements. Seeing how satisfied users of older Netezza systems are after moving to Yellowbrick, we feel the time is right to help Mako customers also take advantage of Yellowbrick's capabilities."

A Yellowbrick Data Warehouse upgrade for IBM Netezza has gained recognition since the company was formed in 2014. Yellowbrick is now Netezza's first and largest customer. TEOCO, Nielsen, Catalina Marketing, and Catalina Marketing are among the other Netezza users moving to this new platform.

IBM Netezza users can modernize their data in the cloud, on-premises, or hybrid scenarios with Yellowbrick Data Warehouse and Smart Associates Smart Data Framework (SDF). Enterprise upgrades become easier, cheaper, and risk-free with the partnership, which removes barriers to migration.

Given the depth of expertise that Smart Associates has in IBM Netezza systems administration and data warehouse migration, this announcement should give customers faced with end-of-life Netezza systems the confidence to know they are in safe hands when choosing to migrate to Yellowbrick, said Mike Ferguson, CEO, and Analyst of Intelligent Business Strategies.

Based on its expertise in providing and managing both on-premises and cloud data warehouses, Smart Associates was founded in 2003. Incorporating managed services into software development and time and materials consulting since its inception, it enables enterprise data warehouse customers to automate complex but essential, expensive, and error-prone manual processes in a way that is repeatable, scalable, & cost-effective.

"We've had a lot of success helping customers modernize their Netezza data estate. We're excited to partner with Smart Associates to accelerate and de-risk customer projects that are on-premises and in the cloud, said Allen Holmes, VP of Business Development at Yellowbrick. For more on how this partnership benefits the global Netezza base.