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Partnering with MapR, CellOS Gains Insights of its Data

By CIOReview | Tuesday, August 16, 2016

SAN JOSE, CA: Several developers, data analysts and administrators have partnered with MapR Technologies to gain long-term value from their data and close the big data skills gap. Recently CellOS, provider of software solutions for the communications, needed to offer real-time data streaming applications to its clients to optimize the monetization of mobile broadband. The software solution provider conducted an extensive research and collaborated with MapR to implement its Converged Data Platform that delivers distributed processing, real-time analytics, and enterprise-grade requirements across cloud and on-premise environments. CellOS opted for MapR Converged Data Platform due to its streaming architecture, which allow data to be processed as soon as it’s available.

With the ever-evolving data flowing in broadband networks continues to grow at breakneck pace, the communication service providers (CSPs) are often failing to gain the value of this data. Likewise, CellOS in order to gain insights of the data leveraged MapR’s Converged Data Platform that helps CSPs to extract meaningful insights in real-time, and identify revenue-generating opportunities within networks. “We view MapR as an ideal partner that perfectly fits our focus of providing real-time solutions for a streaming database,” says Kamlesh Patel, CEO of CellOS Software. Patel further adds, “With impressive scaling and performance, the MapR Platform helps us offer an even more powerful and unique solution in the market for real-time applications. This really is a new era for us.””

CellOS also plans to implement the other unique enterprise-grade features in the MapR platform including—NoSQL database MapR-DB, with the schema-free analytics capabilities in Drill and the real-time streaming of Spark. Furthermore, with the vision of providing visual analysis of big datasets in seconds, CellOS will also deploy the Zoomdata stack that enables CellOS to extract meaningful data in real-time and quickly gain significant insights from data to create new revenue opportunities for clients.

“Due to our real-time price performance envelope, the MapR Platform will create added value to CellOS already impressive offering,” asserts Martin Darling, APAC Vice President, MapR Technologies. In collaboration with MapR, CellOS looks forward to extend its next generation real-time analytics platform to other industry verticals, beyond telecommunications.