Partnership with Siemens Fuels Cyberflow Analytics' Growth in the Cyber Security Market

By CIOReview | Wednesday, May 27, 2015

SAN DIEGO, CA: CyberFlow Analytics, a cyber security company that offers SaaS-based cyber security solutions to protect the intellectual property (IP) of enterprises from corporate espionage and advanced persistent threats using its Security Behavior Analytics solution, has aligned with Siemens and an investment from the Venture Capital Unit of Siemens.

The CyberFlow Analytics’ FlowScape, that comprises a number of passive virtual machine network, application and device sensors execute multiple real-time models offering real-time anomaly threat detection and alerts, either directly or through a third party ‘Security Incident and Event Management’ (‘SIEM’) system or other Operational Intelligence interfaces. This helps the enterprises in protecting their data from security threats.

The partnership also enables the Cyberflow analytics to protect the internet of Things (IoT) that allows billions of devices to communicate with each other but also provides attackers with new targets.

“Siemens is actively involved in securing the Industrial Internet of Things with a set of managed security services for our global manufacturing customers” states Dr. Ralf Schnell, CEO, Venture Capital Unit of Siemens. “We view this partnership with CyberFlow as strategic to drive industry leadership for enabling end-to-end cyber threat defense and risk management capabilities leveraging big data security analytics”

“We are very excited that Siemens has recognized CyberFlow Analytics as a cyber security leader in both the enterprise and the Internet of Things. Their partnership and investment will help CyberFlow Analytics continue our mission of protecting both enterprises and devices around the world from security attacks. We will continue to partner with other leading organizations in their mission to prevent attacks while complementing existing cyber security solutions that are often circumvented. In today’s world, attackers use a variety of methods to attack organizations and CyberFlow Analytics is bringing a new and unique solution to the market to thwart security attacks,” says Dr. Hossein Eslambolchi, Chairman and CEO, CyberFlow Analytics.