Patient Care - No More a Value-Added Service; Instead a Must-Have for Medical Institutions

By CIOReview | Tuesday, November 10, 2015

DALLAS, TX: Patient engagement has seen a transition from being a value-added service to a mandatory service to benefit both the patient and the organization. When it comes to joint replacement surgeries, it is very imperative that the patients take part in pre- and post-surgical care. In this context, VOX Telehealth combines its digital platform with StayWell’s health engagement functions to increase patient involvement in the care plans.

The OrthoCare Program stands with surgeons, nurses and other clinical experts to deliver care for patients undergoing hip or knee replacement surgery. The program educates the patients on pre-operative content and preparation tools. With the customizable alert and notification feature, the patients receive helpful reminders and observations delivered through multi-device platform. Post-discharge complications and re-admissions are reduced to the maximum, with the program’s well-designed content and medical protocols; rendering good outcomes with respect to patient’s health and affordable costs.

The Orthopedic industry has rose swiftly with the introduction of the OrthoCare Program with factors like greater direct-to-home-discharges, reduced length-of-stay and comprehensive patient experience. In the coming years, the partners plan to extend their portfolio of care solutions towards spine procedures, cardiovascular surgeries, bariatric procedures and many more.