Paving for Spectacular Games through Autodesk's New Solutions
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Paving for Spectacular Games through Autodesk's New Solutions

By CIOReview | Wednesday, March 4, 2015

FREMONT, CA; Game developers can now build even more mindboggling games with near real graphics capabilities as Autodesk is all set to preview its innovative 3D game engine enabled with data-driven rendering pipeline and simple game creation tools. The Stingray Game Engine will be previewed at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco. The company will also launch Maya LT 2016 – the 3D animation and modeling software for professional indie game developers.   

The 3D design, engineering, and entertainment software company, Autodesk, will give a live demonstration of the uncanny abilities of its new game design engine: game designers can now evaluate their game on multiple platforms in concurrently; 3D content can be exported in a simple manner; game developers can easily manipulate the look of a game with no requirement for rewriting and recompiling the engine.

The latest Maya LT software comes with a whole new range of feature enhancements that deliver greater animation and modeling. The new tools introduced in Maya LT 2016 include:

Integrated Sculpting Tools and UV editing tools:  high level sculpting can now be done on models without requiring them to be exported to different tool. Enhancements in UV brushes deliver intuitive, artistic driven workflow.

Advanced Animation and Game Exporter tool: non-humanoid characters can be easily animated through options such as Spline IK and cluster deformation. Enhancements in Game Exporter make it easier for indie artists to export multiple animations for use in a game engine simultaneously.

Physically-Based ShaderFX Nodes: enables artists to design more realistic and high quality materials for higher-quality assets.

Creative Market content storefront: Maya LT users can now purchase 3D content through the online content marketplace, Creative Market – a business of Autodesk.

Besides, major improvements have been achieved in this latest release in the form of: background texture loading eschewing the waiting time for artists; a standardized appearance format for the appearance of imported assets; a fog effects in the viewport focusing on the object which is closest to the viewport camera.