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PayMore Collaborates with Affirm

By CIOReview | Friday, April 9, 2021

PayMore Stores has announced a partnership with Affirm, due to which customers can use Affirm to pay at PayMore Stores nationwide. 

FREMONT, CA: PayMore Stores, the cash-for-electronics retailer, has announced a collaboration with Affirm, a versatile and transparent credit card alternative. Customers across the nation can also use Affirm to pay overtime for new and gently used technology purchased at PayMore Stores, with industry-leading warranties.

Consumers can use Affirm to make easy, flexible, and transparent payments with no concealed or late fees. More than 6.2 million customers use the company's alternative payment options to conventional credit cards, allowing them the freedom to shop now and pay later at almost any store. PayMore Stores is now one of more than 6,500 merchants in the United States that accept diversified payment with Affirm.

"By aligning ourselves with an innovative industry leader like Affirm, we can offer our customers even more flexibility and diversity in payment options when they choose our warranty-backed electronics, from mobile phones to computers and tablets to gaming systems," said Erik Helgesen, President of PayMore.

PayMore’s franchise chains offer the consumers a fast, safe, and easy method to sell or trade-in electronics for cash or toward purchasing a new or pre-owned product with an industry-leading warranty. The locally owned business emphasizes data privacy and sustainability, reducing the number of used devices that end up in landfills by wiping personal data before repurposing and reselling them.

The company's franchise stores across the nation are known for offering outstanding customer service and paying top dollar for used electronics. Visitors may expect a clean, secure, and friendly environment for electronics trade-in, sales, and repair services.

PayMore Stores offer and buy gently used iPhones and Android phones, iPads, and Android tablets, Macbooks and iMacs, Windows computers and PC laptops, Apple watches, iPods and Mp3s, video game systems and retro systems, digital cameras and lenses, graphic calculators, audio and DJ equipment, VR/AR equipment, portable home audio devices, printer toners and ink cartridges, boat and marine equipment, printer toners, ink cartridges, and many more.