PayMore's New E-commerce Platform is Transforming the Pre-owned Electronics Sector
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PayMore's New E-commerce Platform is Transforming the Pre-owned Electronics Sector

By CIOReview | Monday, July 26, 2021
Stephen Preuss, CEO, PayMore

Stephen Preuss, CEO, PayMore

PayMore's new e-commerce website integrates the company's entire electronic inventory into a single searchable web application.

FREMONT, CA: PayMore, the market leader in the buy, sell, and exchange of electronics, introduces a new e-commerce website that will consolidate the company's complete inventory of electronics into a single searchable web application. The new website, powered by proprietary software, allows customers to search for and buy pre-owned electrical devices nationwide from the franchise and corporate locations.

New franchisees can list devices on their first day of operation, instantly creating national visibility for their stocks with a few clicks. Additionally, site visitors can filter their searches to their nearest PayMore location, allowing franchisees to use the site as a product catalog.

“PayMore has its pulse on how customers want to buy electronics, and they are making it effortless and appealing for franchisees to become profitable both in-store and online,” says Dan Rowe, CEO of PayMores franchising partner, Fransmart. “Any entrepreneur who sees the benefits of blending consumer electronics, secondhand retail and e-commerce within one concept should invest now and avoid missing out on this fast-growing brand.”

The introduction of the e-commerce site complements PayMore's recent efforts to improve the consumer experience, which include broadening payment choices. Through a new agreement with Affirm, the concept now offers more flexible payment options and accepts Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and other popular crypto currencies for online and in-store purchases.

“This franchise product-sourced e-commerce store is truly a game changer, both for our existing operators and for new franchisees,” says Erik Helgesen, president of PayMore. “The proprietary software and technology will allow us to compete on a national and ultimately global level with the world's largest electronics retailers.”

PayMore enables users to quickly, safely, and easily sell or trade-in electronic gadgets and purchase new or pre-owned items online or in-store. PayMore is committed to safeguarding data privacy by securely erasing each device following a trade-in and promoting sustainable electronics purchases by assisting in reducing e-waste in landfills.

PayMore collaborates with Fransmart, the industry's premier franchise development business, to expand the brand.