PayPal.Me makes Financial Transactions easy; Offers a Personalized URL for Every User Profile

By CIOReview | Monday, September 14, 2015

FREMONT, CA: PayPal competes with peer-to-peer payment apps like Square Cash as well as payment options offered by Facebook (in Messenger) and Google (in Gmail and Google Wallet) by debuting its ‘PayPal.Me’ platform. The application eliminates the awkwardness of asking others to pay back the money by making it simpler by sending the link informally asking to repay.

The new platform allots a personalized URL to every user account in the form of ‘’ that can be shared with friends via text, email, instant messenger, social media or anywhere else, as a means of requesting money.

Though the company has huge active users worldwide for sending and receiving money, the attempt was made to create a mobile-first user experience even if used on web; emerges as a new option that is simpler and faster than traditional tools.

Venmo, a subsidiary of PayPal is an already existing social app that is extensively used in U.S. for paying back money borrowed from friends or splitting a check at a restaurant and other purposes. But PayPal states that unlike Venmo, the debuted application targets global user base.

Discussing the idea that initiated the creation of the application Meron Colbeci, Senior Director, Global Consumer Products, PayPal explains, “As conversations became more digital, we needed to find a way to contextualize peer-to-peer payments, and make it easy and intuitive across any different channel, any different device, and any communication means, be it e-mail, text message, instant messenger, etc.”

The user is provided with customizable themes to specify whether the link is used for payment between family and friends or for business purpose. The friend will click the link, log into their PayPal account and completes transaction; optionally adding a personal note. The sender can even specify the amount to be paid by appending the amount as number in the link, such as ‘’, asking for $50.00.

On successful payment, the user receives alerts via push notifications on the installed PayPal app. Payments between PayPal accounts are fast whereas, those from banks may take more time based on the bank’s processing.

The service is intended to be 1.0 version of the product that will be iterated with new capabilities and features based on the user feedback. Those features may include providing access to friends list and enhancing business user experience. An instant checkout service, OneTouch will also be included to eliminate entering user credentials when they are already logged in one of the synced devices, on web or mobile web, for faster processing.