Paysafe Unveils Paysafe Publishers' eCommerce Affiliate Program
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Paysafe Unveils Paysafe Publishers' eCommerce Affiliate Program

By CIOReview | Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Paysafe's new marketplace will leverage its 20 years of affiliate marketing knowledge to help eCommerce retailers and their affiliates flourish.

FREMONT, CA: Paysafe, a market leader in specialized payments, has introduced Paysafe Publishers marketplace, which will assist global eCommerce merchants in leveraging the affiliate marketing channel to enhance client acquisition and create new revenue-generating connections.

Paysafe, which has over two decades of affiliate marketing experience, will use the launch to help the growth of eCommerce businesses across numerous industries. Paysafe Publishers will initially focus on merchants in the financial services, education, nutrition and wellness, sports and fitness, leisure and entertainment, travel and hospitality, and video gaming industries.

Paysafe's comprehensive payments product is complemented by the marketplace, which assists self-managing businesses of all sizes in growing their market reach through affiliate relationships, which are primarily performance-based and have low entry fees and risk.Paysafe Publishers also promotes business-to-business interactions, assisting merchants in identifying and collaborating with similarly situated companies to utilize their respective client bases and drive income.

Paysafe Publishers is further enhanced by integrating the Skrill digital wallet, which will serve as the principal method of sending affiliate payments, assuring quick and secure commission distributions. The system enables merchants to prioritize cooperation and campaign planning by leveraging a diverse network of affiliate relationships, including content sites, pay-per-click advertising, social media, influencer marketing, and coupon or cashback sites.

Paysafe Publishers' connection with Revenue Tree, a network of affiliate performance marketers that generates over 15 billion website clicks and over 2 million customer conversions each day, will also help merchants. Additionally, a connection to Rightlander, a market leader in affiliate compliance monitoring, will assist merchants in protecting their brand by providing visibility into all of their traffic sources. Brands that already have an affiliate network can use this powerful monitoring tool to acquire insight into where and how their advertising partners promote them.

Paysafe Publishers offers a free setup to the first 100 merchants joining its marketplace and launching their campaigns as part of its launch celebrations. Similarly, affiliates will benefit from increased commissions for the first three months following their initial registration.

SarafinaWolde Gabriel, an affiliate marketing leader at Paysafe, says, 'We have always been passionate about affiliate marketing and are excited to launch a marketplace that creates an opportunity for online merchants to scale their respective businesses. With Paysafe Publishers' risk-free, performance-based approach, eCommerce merchants can increase sales, drive customer acquisition and identify other merchants with which to form revenue-generating partnerships.'