PCP Picks NIMBOXX for Data Center Virtualization

By CIOReview | Tuesday, September 23, 2014

AUSTIN, TX: NIMBOXX, makers of the atomic unit of the software-defined data center, has announced that a Texas based process server and partner to the legal community- Professional Civil Process (PCP), has deployed the NIMBOXX hyper-converged infrastructure technology to virtualize PCP's data center.

PCP maintains legacy databases that track, monitor and store critical data such as GPS tracking, photo verification and electronic document management, resulting in stringent I/O and availability requirements.  The company opted for NIMBOXX solution for its simplicity and potency for enhanced performance, and cost efficiency.  

Providing critical document management services to legal professionals, PCP has developed sophisticated mobile interfaces, bar-code tracking and scanning solutions to increase efficiency. The company which was on the look-out for a virtualization solution to provide greater application resilience finally selected NIMBOXX hyper-converged technology.

It is a comprehensive solution which includes server, storage, networking and security in a single system. Wholly developed by NIMBOXX, it does not require further integrations or additional license costs. It also deliveres an impressive 180,000 IOPS and provides the failover capabilities required by PCP.

“There are many small businesses like us that have the performance and availability demands of larger enterprises, but don't have the budget or staff to manage the cost and complexity of traditional solutions,” says Rick Keeney, president and founder of PCP. “NIMBOXX is changing the game.”

“We are relentless in our pursuit of delivering the benefits of a software-defined data center to the masses,” says Rocky Bullock, CEO of NIMBOXX. “This is an example of how we're making this a reality.”