PCTEL Launches Spectrum Analyzer Capability for IBflex

By CIOReview | Wednesday, April 13, 2016

FREMONT, CA: PCTEL (Performance Critical Telecom), a firm offering performance critical telecom solutions released its Signal Analyzer (SA) feature at the NEDAS Spring In-Building Wireless Summit. The SA option effectively serves as a cost-effective and efficient alternative to the traditional spectrum analyzers. The working principle involves conversion of a PCTEL SeeGull IBflex scanning receiver into a multi-purpose and portable signal analysis tool. SA offers most of the field engineering functions such as DAS verification and commissioning applications.

"RF engineers that already rely on a scanning receiver for data collection now have access to a cost-effective tool that performs all of the familiar functions of a spectrum analyzer," says David Neumann, Senior Vice President and General Manager, RF Solutions, PCTEL.

SA houses an intuitive tablet interface that is based on PCTEL's SeeHawk Touch software. The software works on commercial tablets and receives data from IBflex using Bluetooth. An optional adapter is also available for the DAS applications which require N-Type connectivity.

PCTEL displayed models from its VenU PIM160 in-building DAS antenna line at the NEDAS Spring In-Building Wireless Summit held in New York. The firm also participated in a panel discussion on the topic "Digitizing our Arenas: Servicing the Needs of High-Traffic Venues."

PCTEL effectively optimizes wireless networks with its engineering services, data tools and RF products. The company’s antennas and site solutions assists in the proper functioning of networks serving SCADA, public safety, fleet management, education and health care. Connected solutions of the firm facilitate private and public wireless networks with appropriate designs, also offering site solutions and performance critical antennas. PCTEL's performance critical products include MXflex, EXflex SeeGull, IBflex scanning receivers and tools such as SeeHawk Touch, SeeWave and SeeHawk Collect.

"By using the Signal Analyzer option instead of a separate unit, our customers will minimize hardware costs and complexities," adds Neumann.