PCTEL Unveils Its Power Line Monitoring Antenna at DistribuTECH

By CIOReview | Monday, February 15, 2016

ORLANDO, FL: PCTEL, [NASDAQ:PCTI], a provider of Performance Critical Telecom solutions, unveiled its power line monitoring antenna at DistribuTECH, an annual power delivery conference in North America.  PCTEL’s power line monitoring antenna is designed specifically to communicate with wireless power line sensors and fault indicator devices typically deployed on power lines. Utilities leverage data collected from these sensors to more precisely calibrate power production to the variable needs of the grid, substantially reducing energy waste. The power line monitoring antenna makes these sensor systems easier to install while improving the range and reliability of data transmissions.

PCTEL’s innovative design for the power line monitoring antenna meets stringent performance, form factor, and installation requirements. The antenna’s Radio Frequency (RF) performance, including circular polarization, pattern coverage, and gain levels, is optimized for the typical deployment in the electric utility network. Its low profile over-molded patch antenna design is ideal for pad mount and enclosure installations where low visual impact is necessary to discourage tampering or vandalism.

“In deploying beta versions of our LineScope sensor package, we found an installation location that was experiencing a communication dropout problem. We contacted our antenna supplier, PCTEL, who dispatched an engineer to examine the problem. As a result of the visit, PCTEL developed an antenna that eliminated the problem and provided us with an even lower profile form factor,” said Dan Driggers, Cleaveland/Price Electrical Engineer and the lead engineer on the project.

“The improved signal strength of the flat patch style PCTEL antenna increased the communication distance between our LineProbe sensor and the CommBridge receiving unit by over 30 percet compared to the stock omnidirectional antenna that we originally used. This increased range will give our customers greater flexibility in positioning the LineScope components. Cleaveland/Price is very pleased that PCTEL went the extra mile to develop a communication solution that enhances the performance of our LineScope system,” added Driggers.