Pease & Curren Fiber Solution Offers Cost Effective Precious Metal Recovery Solution

By CIOReview | Tuesday, August 4, 2015

WARWICK, RI: Pease & Curren Refiners announces the launch of Fiber Solution Refining Process that extracts the precious metals at a faster pace unlike traditional methods with low refining and solution processing cost.

The Pease & Curren Fiber Solution processes increases the yield of precious metal by significantly reducing refining treatment charges and improves accountability. It offers precious metal recovery from electroplating baths, drag out rinses and solutions for aerospace, dental and jewelry markets.

The Fiber Solution process offers a cost effective modern process for metal scavenging with simple method of extraction that recovers even the last bit, at fast rate and the metal scavenging fiber allows high loading increasing the overall recovery result.

Pease & Curren Fiber solution reduces variability, improves cash flow with lesser precious metal refining treatment charges,  reduces large volume costly shipping charges and better control over metals and assays are based on actual material not an estimate.

“This fiber solution refining process is perfect for those with time constraints or multiple metal streams. In addition, for those sending in solution to a refiner, shipping, treatment charges and fees are substantially reduced,” says Kim Michalik, President of Pease & Curren.