Peaxy Hyperfiler Renovates Data-Access Capabilities to Track Convoluted Datasets

By CIOReview | Friday, October 30, 2015

SAN JOSE, CA: When it comes to data searching and managing, the approach that is followed is often sluggish and fuzzy. Peaxy, at the vanguard in the direction towards development introduces the Hyperfiler software platform for enterprises. The benefits include ease in the process of exploring, managing, storing and recycling business related data to out-class the previously involved archaic method.

The software-based architecture is designed specifically to carry out data mining operation in large-scale IT infrastructure across industries like aviation, automotive, energy and genomics and many more.

The version 3.0 relishes key capability to access data across decade long lists of data collection activities. In order to achieve this feat, the company thrives on engineering the indexing function on a prodigious scale. It offers enterprise level index searching technology and large scale industry specific domain to enable unparalleled access to the unstructured data assets.

Hyperfiler uses the patented solutions to thoroughly perpetuate the file pathnames of even those that commence through migration and technology refresh cycle process. By integrating both the HDFS and POSIX technology together, it entitles users to work on Hadoop or Spark platform. It further enables data storage in Hyperfiler sans the credibility of application, storage type or location of the actual data. This integration, in association with the permanent pathnames, extends data-driven performance for life science, business analytics and industrial internet, with additional capability to trace back to the original content, while analyzing the source data.