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Penn Medicine's CRM approach in the contact center

By CIOReview | Thursday, June 7, 2018

The University of Pennsylvania Health System or Penn Medicine has begun incorporating a CRM in its contact center, with the aim of providing as much information about the caller to the agent as possible. Known as the ‘whisper campaign,’ it assigns specific inbound calls to the various marketing campaigns it conducts. By doing this, provides all available information to the calling agent before the call is connected. In doing so, the agents can conduct more proactive interactions that enhance the patient’s experience while also increasing the success of the conversion rate of that patient.

Penn’s CRM-enabled contact center allows agents to provide physician searches and the availability of appointments. In addition, the CRM also enables Penn to receive intelligence on the performance of its employees and the volume of transactions as well as the lengths of calls. According to recent reports, Penn Medicine runs over 10,000 digital marketing campaigns, which is routed through the Evariant Patients for Life Platform—it offers actionable intelligence to find high-value consumers, guides them through clinical journeys, offers a suite of capabilities to keep patients engaged. Using the information provided by Evariant, Penn Medicine receives data on what ads the patients have seen, which pages of the website have been accessed, etcetera. A dashboard that tracks all the patient’s movements on the website helps the agents determine effective marketing techniques to ensure higher rates of success.

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