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Pensando and VMware Partner to Develop Next-generation Infrastructure Platform

By CIOReview | Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Customers can begin their journey with VMware Cloud Foundation on the Pensando Distributed Services Platform, making it the best partners across the board.

FREMONT, CA: At VMworld 2020, Pensando Systems announces collaboration with VMware on Project Monterey to co-develop a platform to support modern applications' demands. VMware will harness the Pensando Distributed Services Platform to offer industry-leading performance and latency, zero-trust security, and streamlined operations to VMware Cloud Foundation implementations in virtualized, containerized, and bare-metal environments.

Both the firms have a shared vision of a programmable, scalable, low latency, highly secure platform that enhances the server platform's performance and abilities. Still, it is also vital to simplifying data center functions and the delivery of next-generation applications. With Pensando, VMWare is building the next generation of secure and agile infrastructure, using the new accelerators exemplified by the Pensando Distributed Services Platform, to help the evolving requirements of applications. The partnership between VMware and Pensando on Project Monterey will help mutual customers benefit substantially from increased performance, improved security, and a consistent operating model.

The Pensando Distributed Services Platform is developed to work in existing customer environments. It offers high-performance, scalable networking, security and storage applications, always-on, end-to-end telemetry, and dramatically simplifies IT operations. The Pensando solution allows pervasive network visibility using its hardware bi-directional flow streaming and traffic mirroring abilities, offering an enhanced experience and delivering significant additional value to VMware customers. VMware's Project Monterey is an initiative to revamp VMware's hybrid cloud architecture to support applications' changing nature.

The explosion of data created by applications inside and outside the data center has enterprises of all sizes facing stark choices scale up capacity with a traditional IT architecture or moving more workloads to public clouds. Either method means IT staff often spend more time handling complexity and infrastructure than they do innovate for the business.