Penta Technologies comes up with Efficient and Effective ERP

By CIOReview | Tuesday, February 2, 2016

FREMONT, CA: In the highly competitive construction industry, contractors are always on the lookout for new ways to reduce risk to improve margins, maximize resources, and improve business construction management growing pains stemming from inadequate information systems. Common growing pains include multiple, non-integrated systems that result in duplicate/triplicate data entry and data inconsistency, lack of construction-specific functionality in legacy systems and too many processes being performed manually or not at all. Also, legacy systems do not have the depth or breadth needed to properly manage their operations, and data in the system is difficult to access.

Penta Technologies combines the most advanced enterprise technologies with nearly 40 years of construction experience in PENTA, which is one integrated enterprise system. It helps contractors in unifying management of construction accounting, financials, payroll, projects, and service operations into one database, and eliminating paper and manual process. Penta also mobilizes work order labor, equipment, and material field reporting by crews with mobile field technology, analyzes historical performance for planning and identifies exceptions for action, and trend current performance for forecasting. Adding to the above features, Pentah holds a specialization in automating multi-location, multi-company, and inter-company accounting.

“With the growing use of mobile applications, Penta Technologies helps contractors use systems at the jobsite with its line of mobile solutions for field service and reporting,” declared the editors of Contructech. Penta Technologies has been named as one among the Constructech 50 in 2015.

Penta comprises of service management, materials and equipment management, project management, accounting, job cost and payroll.  Business process execution of Penta includes automation of business processes, document management, optimization of resource and technical management.

Penta analyses the performance by high level monitoring of all the levels of organization, OLAP analytics—which includes simple and flexible analysis by business users within their area of responsibility, and reporting, which means pre defining information needed for day-to-day information.

Contractors improve their business performance with Penta through integration, consistent business process execution, and continual performance analysis and this enterprises’ faith make Penta a leading developer of construction ERP software for commercial and industrial construction.