Pepper to Leverage Artificial Intelligence through Cognitive Computing

By CIOReview | Monday, January 11, 2016

LAS VEGAS, NV: Softbank Robotics Holdings (SBRH) has signed on a partnership deal with IBM to make ‘pepper’ robots available across global enterprise customers.

IBM and SBRH will venture on expanding data within the IoT, to enable Pepper in ’sensing’ hidden meaning from the data that traditional computers lacked at. Backed by Watson, the cognitive computing technology platform represents new advancements in computing through senses, learning and experience.

"Today, the power of cognitive computing can be woven into any form factor. Our collaboration with SBRH on Pepper will allow a much broader audience to experience and tap into Watson," said Mike Rhodin, Senior Vice President, IBM Watson.

Pepper’s strong comprehension on social cues and context helps in understanding languages and gestures. Softbank and IBM imagine Pepper with the multi-faceted role of teaching assist, nursing aid and working in self service. In addition, Pepper is also capable of understanding emotions through system of cameras and sensors.

Pepper is powered by Watson software development kit (SDK) which offers s intelligent interaction experience. In addition to that, IBM provides client’s access to Watson APIs and other pre-packaged applications to address personal as well as professional needs.

"I am thrilled that we are partnering with IBM on the development of Pepper powered by Watson. As a provider of robotics platforms, we seek to enable Pepper's collaboration with beneficial technologies. I anticipate this collaboration will expand Pepper's possibilities into an even wider range of fields," said Fumihide Tomizawa, President, SoftBank Robotics Holdings.

Watson derives insights about people from various new sources to create better snapshots of their needs and importance. It exhibits the commercialization of Artificial Intelligence .The technology elevates consumer’s interaction with various brands, thereby enabling companies to personally reach out to the individuals.