Perceptive Media Connector Brings Media Capture To Cloud
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Perceptive Media Connector Brings Media Capture To Cloud

By CIOReview | Monday, January 27, 2014

SHAWNEE, KS:Lexmark’s Perceptive Software launched Perceptive Media Connector, a tool that enables users of the company’s Perceptive Content solutions to seamlessly and securely capture, store and manage rich media content.

It brings additional functionalities which can be accessed from within the user interface of Perceptive Content while also extending the latter’s ECM (Enterprise Content Management) capabilities allowing companies to manage rich media files alongside other types of content in the company’s cloud service. And to make the service appealing and reliable, the company uses a “fault-tolerant” content delivery network (CDN) providing round the clock access to content stored on the company’s cloud, irrespective of the person’s location.

A statement issued by the company alludes to the intent behind developing this tool–addressing the challenges the growing unstructured information poses to organizations that are increasingly using video in their business processes. It has become a trend of late, for universities, insurance companies and healthcare organizations among many others to incorporate videos into their presentations and patient records or any other such documentation. Managing and delivering such large amounts of digital media content on demand can be a daunting task, but this is exactly what Perceptive intends to achieve by streamlining the entire process with its Media Connector.

“Perceptive Media Connector allows our customers to easily incorporate video content directly into relevant business processes, eliminating the need to download and store large files on premises and enabling the enforcement of appropriate governance,” said Brian Anderson, chief technology officer, Perceptive Software.

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