Perceptive Solutions Launches WoundZoom® Clinical Wound Dashboard
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Perceptive Solutions Launches WoundZoom® Clinical Wound Dashboard

By CIOReview | Monday, February 15, 2021
The Clinical Wound Dashboard provides real-time patient population analytics and trending to help elevate the delivery of wound care for their patients.

STEVENS POINT, WI – Perceptive Solutions, Inc., maker of WoundZoom Wound Centric EMR and three-dimensional (3D) imaging hardware solutions, today announced the release of its real-time patient population Clinical Wound Dashboard. The interactive dashboard provides an intuitive cockpit view with wound and patient data sets to drive more informed wound care decision making.

“The ability to have a snapshot of an organization’s entire wound care patient population helps administration and clinicians identify trends across the population and take appropriate actions to help deliver better wound care for their patients,” said Mark Lacerte, President of Perceptive Solutions. “Furthermore, our Clinical Wound Dashboard is available 24/7 in real-time with drill-down capabilities and easy data export features.”

The WoundZoom Clinical Wound Dashboard delivers actionable insight to help:

● Identify treatment protocols that are driving better results for a particular wound type or location

● Shift care plans and staff allocation based on patient and wound census data

● Decrease variability across care protocols or caregiver to drive more efficient and effective wound encounters

“We listened to our customers and what they want to see in their reporting, and we are proud to release this intuitive and insightful dashboard to support our customers as they care for their patients,” said Mark. The Wound Dashboard now comes standard with the WoundZoom software platform.