Perceptron Unveils Non-Contact Wheel Alignment Sensor Laser

By CIOReview | Monday, December 21, 2015

PLYMOUTH, MI:  The all-new WheelWorks 'HNCA' non-contact laser sensor and software toolkit for automated wheel alignment measuring utilizes Perceptron's Helix smart sensor technology.

Perceptron, recognized as the global provider of non-contact 3D measurement, inspection and automation solutions that offers an extensive portfolio of dimensional gauging and inspection products along with robotic guidance, gap and flush measurement and 3D laser scanning solutions.

Perceptron has paramount solutions on Vehicle wheel alignment for both vehicle safety and performance. With today's pace and accuracy requirements, laser-based non-contact sensors are the preferred measuring technology for automatic wheel alignment systems. WheelWorks HNCA brings the next generation 3D scanning sensors for automated wheel alignment applications.

Perceptron’s Helix laser sensor technology leverages Micro Electro Mechanical System (MEMS) technology with sophisticated optics and mechanics. User configurability is possible in laser line quantity, density, length and orientation characteristics which gives more appropriate 3D data in its outcome, through which we can scale up the alignment calculations.

Key features and benefits for the WheelWorks HNCA include: accuracy and cost effectiveness, smaller foot print and weight making it adaptable to adverse conditions. Apart from these features it also provides easier Multi laser line configurations, Multi-sensor synchronization and better integrated toolkit.

The HNCA sensor is designed for industrial environments with no moving parts, made of aircraft quality aluminum housing and has received an IP54 environmental rating. The small footprint is 279 mm x 125mm x 76mm in size and weighs just 2.0 Kg. The 2M Class rated laser is eye-safe with a 659 nm wavelength. Sensor standoff is 400 mm with a large field of view to enable ease of integration. This solution is distributed through wheel alignment system OEMs and is currently available.