Perceptual Partnership: Huawei and Intel

By CIOReview | Wednesday, March 16, 2016

FREMONT CA: The Chinese consumer electronics manufacturer, Huawei, has invested in developing ARM-based processors and has no schemes of commercializing the server based on same technology for the future.

While speaking to ITProPortal, Joy Huang, VP, IT Product Line at Huawei technologies, even went as far by saying – Huawei and Intel are in a “perpetual” partnership. As Huawei has been probing ARM and other technologies at an R&D level, the firm won’t step into product line in the near future.

On the other side, Huawei has been trying to mend with ARM based server chips for more than two years. The Chinese firm relied on 16-core ARM server chips that was introduced in 2014 and then shifted to 64-core server in the last year at Hong Kong.

Based on videos that emerged last year, Huawei via its HiSilicon subsidiary, designs application processors for its smartphones and has been beefing up its CPU server range, although it is work in progress.

Huang confirmed that a joint performance team which Huawei and Intel have part in it and then it is fed to Intel’s Xeon team. He added, Huawei is yet to ask/get a customized Xeon CPU from Intel, unlike Amazon or Oracle.

Addressing the launch of Huawei’s mission critical server range, HunLun, Cody Wang, GM for IT product line, hinted that a 64-socket model of the server that was launched with 32-socket is not “much of a challenge”, however the server uses standard Intel technology with the touch of Huawei IP.

According to Huawei, its first ever mission critical 32-socket x86 sockets – KunLun 9032 was launched earlier this week in Hanover.