Percona Acquires Tokutek; Improves Database Performance

By CIOReview | Friday, April 17, 2015

SANTA CLARA, CA: Percona, provider of MySQL and MongoDB solutions and services, acquires high-performance database company Tokutek. The deal covers the distribution of the Tokutek’s MongoDB, called TokuMX and also favourably places Percona to offer design, service, support and remote management for both MySQL and ACID-compliant NoSQL database.

TokuMX, is a fully functional transactional, document (row) level locking NoSQL derivative of MongoDB, will now be serviced, supported and remotely managed by Percona. TokuMX offers simple, easy to use and flexibility benefits of MongoDB. It also addresses the challenges of default transactional consistency, concurrency, space and memory consumption, and performance under load.

Peter Zaitsev, Co-founder and CEO of Percona, says, “By adding a market-leading, ACID-compliant NoSQL data management option to our product line, customers finally have the opportunity to simplify their database decisions and on-going support relationships by relying on just one proven, expert provider for all their database design, service, management, and support needs.”

The acquisition also brings to Percona Fractal Tree indexing, the write-optimized algorithm that drastically reduces I/O through intelligent buffering. Other advantages for Percona from the acquisition include exclusive global licensee of technology developed by MIT, Stony Brook, and Rutgers Universities. Being incorporated into Fractal Tree indexing by Tokutek will enable Percona to augument database performance and storage compression across its MySQL and NoSQL product lines while lowering total cost of ownership for its customers.

With growing data rates and data management requirements, enterprises are seeking out more flexibility, choice, reliability, and affordability when it comes to the databases they standardize on. The arrangement of an ACID-compliant, high-performance NoSQL database and Percona’s affordable and highly reliable MySQL solutions will simplify processes for database designers and administrators by bringing their database design, support and operational needs it to a single window.

The combined solution will enable Percona to provide improved drop-in replacements for MySQL and MongoDB, raising the quality of performance of customers and reliability of their crucial databases without drastically modifying their applications.

“With the Tokutek acquisition, Percona is uniquely positioned to offer NoSQL and NewSQL software solutions backed by unparalleled services and support. We are excited to know Tokutek customers can look forward to leveraging Percona services and support in their TokuMX and TokuDB deployments,” says John Partridge, President and CEO of Tokutek.