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Persistent Memory, Smart solution for Moving Data

By CIOReview | Friday, June 28, 2019

Persistent memory is a revolutionary storage solution which allows the programs to access data as memory, while the information is non-volatile.

FREMONT, CA: Persistent memory is a combination of traditional data reliability with high bandwidth and low latency. It allows flexible data management for complex data sets, which are downtime sensitive due to system crash or power failures. Unlike various memory technologies, persistent memory is architectural with the computer system. Persistent memory storage is non-volatile memory solutions which can accelerate applications while retaining data in power interruptions or system reboots.

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For applications, persistent memory can be used for various benefits. The lower latency allows the companies to deploy their data quickly, to detect and defend the critical information from any cyber threats. With the quick access of the data, companies can increase the rate to return relevant content to the user at another end, which in return may increase the click-through revenue opportunities. By improving the speed, financial institutions like banks and companies can analyze numerous records instantly to detect fraudulent transactions easily. Persistent memory can create a distributed file system; it allows the data to move extremely fast from the network interface via the file system.

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IT companies are upgrading the storage infrastructures with persistent memories, which almost reduce their performance issues regarding the data transfers. The implementation of the persistent memory storage, a system can provide faster start-up times, more rapid access to large in-memory data sets, outperform legacy configurations, and also improvise the cost investment. It is somewhat a third tier which has aspects like memory as well as the storage — running the revolutionary technology boosts the performance by executing long access time to the internal disk-based data structures which are serialized in most of the memory storage.

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