Personal Branding Tips for Social Media Platforms
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Personal Branding Tips for Social Media Platforms

By CIOReview | Monday, January 28, 2019

What is a personal brand? It is something that an organization is known for. Social media helps you gain that recognition; they are already playing a growing role in the personal and professional life. It helps the organization to see how their brand is represented on social media platforms. Here are a few essential guidelines for organizations to protect their brand on social media platforms.

1.  Social media policy: Establishing a social media policy is a must. These are the basic guidelines which an organization has to adopt and follow that frame up where one wants to be visible, what are they willing to speak about, and ensure that social media is doing the right job they need to do for the respective business.

2.  Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Manage the story for SEO. Indeed, social media properties are the first things that are found on search engines, so they must be adopted with great accuracy.

3.  Reviewing social media sites: This is a must. Brands must be robust, consistent and should be able to communicate their value proposition. The site must be well maintained and updated and should be reviewed at regular intervals.

4.  Be Mindful: One has to be intentional regarding the social properties they use for business and those that are for personal use. It is better to include pre-approving posts before that can be posted on the timeline and one must give it a critical thought of who they are connecting with through these social media platforms.

5.  Distinguish the name: Whether one has a common name or not. It is always advisable to incorporate something distinct in the name of your brand. Otherwise, it could be confusing for the stakeholders, and sometimes it can impact the brand negatively as well.

6.  Be Consistent and follow it: It is better to be consistent with one name and adopt is as a brand name. It can be used in the form of initial in the email signature, on business cards, resume-CV-bio, presentations, and all of the social media platforms. It will help in directing the people with the right brand.

7.  Be Active: One has to be active and responsive to those who reach out to them. This includes paying attention to birth dates, anniversaries or any private message into the social media boxes; this would help in building strong relationships. It further helps in opening new doors and keeping contact with professionals from the past and assists in preserving reputation and of course brand recognition as well.

Brands work tirelessly to boost their online visibility and revenue. Hence, organizations must monitor the websites regularly and address issues in real-time which will help them in making good choices and also make their brand more credible.