Petrotechnics' Proscient Software Achieves Certified Integration with SAP Applications

By CIOReview | Monday, February 8, 2016

FREMONT, CA: Petrotechnics, a leading provider of enterprise operations excellence management software solutions recently announced that its proprietary software, Proscient version 3.0, has achieved certified integration with the SAP ERP application, version 6.0.

The SAP Integration and Certification Center (SAP ICC) has certified the integration and interoperability of Proscient 3.0 and SAP ERP 6.0 which comes as a major support for organizations operating in hazardous industries, such as oil and gas, chemicals and rail, to administer their critical business operations.

This integration will ensure that the users are able to complete their work in a safe, efficient and sustainable way. It will also seek to improve operational performance and effectiveness, reducing exposure to operational risks—including major accident hazards. Proscient offers companies a new and unique way to visualize and manage risk and activity, empowering everyone in an organization—from the boardroom to the front line—to make better operational decisions.

“Proscient’s certified integration with SAP ERP provides tremendous value for our customers. Not only will decision makers have peace-of-mind that Proscient works with their SAP software, but they can also benefit from the value of end-to-end integration to improve operational performance,” said Scott Lehmann, Vice President of Product Management and Marketing at Petrotechnics. “Proscient helps organizations close the gaps between planning, maintenance, operations, and the reality of how work is executed. This promotes a more holistic and common understanding of balancing risk against productivity—at all levels of the operation,” he added.

Petrotechnics has also joined the SAP PartnerEdge program as an SAP partner. Through the program, partners will be working closely with SAP to develop and certify the technical integration of their solutions with SAP software. Integrated partner applications broaden, supplement and increase the value of SAP solutions; consequently helping mutual clients to all the more effectively accomplish their business.