PHEMI Collaborates with ClearDATA to Form Big Data Cloud Solution for Healthcare Industry

By CIOReview | Tuesday, March 1, 2016

VANCOUVER, BC: PHEMI, the big data company contributing to clinical productivity collaborates with ClearDATA, to continue its contribution in the healthcare sector by launching a streamlined, low-cost of entry big data cloud, called PHEMI Central. ClearDATA is one of the pioneer healthcare cloud computing providers for the healthcare firms. The joint venture product, PHEMI Central is an affordable and quick cloud solution that helps healthcare and life science organizations to accumulate, administer, protect, and share data in clinical, operational, and genomics settings.

PHEMI Central combines a HIPAA-compliant cloud platform of ClearDATA, which modifies its security, privacy, and governance features, enabling healthcare organizations to protect Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and share data for enhanced research and discovery.

Big data analytics is now used to drive clinical and operational movements and is being applied to complex data sets like genome sequences and microbiome profiles. The challenge to protect PII and ensure authentic access only, is usually disturbed by structured and unstructured data of the IT sector. Also, it’s expensive, time consuming and scattered in use. PHEMI Central thus simplifies big data deployments and makes data easy to be accessed by researchers and analysts. It also facilitates faster access to data to improve end results and reduce expense.

Paul Terry, CEO of PHEMI said, “We've partnered with ClearDATA to offer a big data cloud solution for healthcare that secures data all the way from the network level to the data store.” Terry adds, “ClearDATA secures the infrastructure, including the operating system, while PHEMI Central protects privacy at the data repository level, enabling such actions as automatically de-identifying data to meet Safe Harbor guidelines, implementing data sharing agreements between specific genomics researchers, or recording the audit trail of a policy analyst who accessed a specific piece of data, so that organizations can realize increased results and greater value from their data.”

Darin Brannan, CEO of ClearDATA said, “By teaming with PHEMI, ClearDATA is helping set the stage to advance healthcare research and discovery, and to ultimately improve population health at a lower per capita cost.”

The PHEMI Central allows customers to access big data in an industry standard with scalable performance and deal with complex data to fulfill the requisites of data stewards and privacy officers who can access the required data, whenever needed.

PHEMI Central will use Amazon Web Services (AWS), in order to deliver scalable features and performance along with AWS cloud computing within a highly secure, HIPAA-compliant platform. This enhances the global scalability, robust functionality of this newly launched cloud solution.