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Philly Marketing Labs partners with Analog Commerce

By CIOReview | Monday, December 14, 2020

Philly Marketing Labs partners with Analog Commerce to help consumer goods manufacturers to shift sales to direct-to-consumer.

FREMONT, CA: Large consumer goods manufacturers are struggling to shift sales to direct-to-consumer (DTC), which has been exacerbated by the COVID-19 shutting down or limiting their normal sales channels. Philly Marketing Labs, a Philadelphia-based digital marketing agency, partners with Analog Commerce, a DTC e-commerce provider, to remediate this problem and support manufacturers to enable online DTC sales without costly infrastructure changes.

Most large consumer goods manufacturers are armed to sell to wholesalers and distributors but cannot sell directly to consumers. Philly Marketing Labs and Analog Commerce will work together to take care of all the setup, digital marketing, sales, and administration for them. With this partnership, manufacturers do not need to change their accounting systems, tax, and inventory practices to accommodate online sales in multiple tax jurisdictions. Analog's eCommerce solution operates independently of its financial and inventory infrastructure yet resides within its website. So the branding, analytics, and data ownership of the new eCommerce site all be with the manufacturer.

Philly Marketing Labs has been helping many companies with e-commerce solutions for years. Until recently, it has been unable to support consumer goods manufacturers to overcome the infrastructure, inventory, and tax obstacles associated with selling DTC online. The digital marketing agency has already signed up four major consumer brands for the Analog/PML service and has several contracts pending through the partnership. Earlier this year, PML made a six-figure investment into Analog Commerce's seed round to facilitate Analog's accelerated growth as consumer packaged goods (CPG) brands scramble to launch DTC efforts.

The partnership allows Analog to offer design and development services and marketing on top of its operational and transactional capabilities for CPG brands. Few organizations can match PML's speed to release and accessible price points. The combined abilities make the company effectively a one-stop-shop for CPG brands who wish to launch DTC initiatives in as few as four weeks.