PhpStorm Integrates with Zend Server Z-Ray to Accelerate the Productivity of Developers

By CIOReview | Friday, September 12, 2014

CUPERTINO, CA:  Zend Technologies merged their Zend Server 7, featuring the Z-ray with PhpStorm- a development tool that provides an editor for PHP, HTML and Javascript with on-the-fly code analysis, reports

Z-ray is a boon to all developers who are using the PHP platform as it helps in accelerating their performance. And now, with PhpStorm having been incorporated along with Z-ray, the developers are sure to be awarded a level of functionality as never seen before.

“Using Zend Server Z-Ray is akin to wearing X-Ray goggles, effortlessly giving developers deep insight into how their code is running as they are developing it – all without having to change any of their habits or workflow,” says Zeev Suraski, CTO and co-founder of Zend. “With Z-Ray, developers can immediately understand the impact of their code changes, enabling them to both improve quality and solve issues long before their code reaches production. In addition to the obvious benefits of this ‘Left Shifting’ – better performance, fewer production issues and faster recovery times – using Z-Ray is also downright fun!”

Zend Server enables organizations to use their existing infrastructure, development skills and operational infrastructure to power their agile initiatives and dynamically manage scale to support all mobile and web platforms. The Zend Server platform is the fastest way to implement a Continuous Delivery approach to developing PHP applications. PhpStorm is known as a smart PHP code editor with an easy way to analyze code quality and enables easier debugging and testing. It also makes it possible to verify the code as you type, analyzing the whole project along the way. Mess Detector, quick-fixes and other features help you write neat code that’s easy to support. It is also a cross-platform experience as it is an IDE on Windows, Mac OS or Linux.  With these two development tools being integrated, it is easy to see why software developers are on their toes.