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Physical and IT Security Gelling Well for Successful Threat Mitigation, Here's how!

By CIOReview | Monday, July 1, 2019

A systematic approach to security planning could see a grand partnership between physical and IT security.

FREMONT, CA: The threat landscape is shifting rapidly. Security is becoming integral to all kinds of organizations as cases of cyber attacks are on the rise. The best way to handle emerging problems and evolving threats is through innovative, new solutions. What is more concerning is how the same technologies that are driving development are the ones which are creating vulnerabilities in the system. To be able to address these issues, a comprehensive security plan and a lot of collaborative efforts have to be undertaken.

• IT security and physical security

To map the security threats accurately, organizations must bring both the IT security and physical security onto the same page. This gives a comprehensive picture and allows organizations to evolve strategies that encompass every critical point. The collaborations encourage dialogues between both the parties resulting in a better understanding of an increasingly complex security environment.

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• Prediction and analysis of threats

The most effective way to address the threat is through real-time analysis and monitoring. It takes a data-based approach to do that. The data generated and utilized is vast, and it can give accurate results concerning unusual behavior is the system. If companies can leverage data and analytics tools together, they can develop actionable intelligence. When physical and IT security meet, the data become well rounded and unified

• Discussing the Solutions

All the stakeholders do not always understand the gravity of the situation from the security perspective. It is critical that security experts highlight the need for protection and threat mitigation to every concerned individual. Case studies should be discussed to get an idea about the risks. Companies must carefully pick partners and services which minimize potential risks and prevent unauthorized access.

• Optimizing the Strategy

A security strategy can be very dynamic. Continuous efforts at upgrading and re-doing it according to changing nature of threats can help companies get the best out of their investment. Everything starting from simple network firewalls to AI-enabled video surveillance is integral to adequate security.

Realizing safety goals becomes simpler when everything comes under one roof. A collaboration between physical and IT can be of strategic importance.

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