Pica8 Offers One Stop White Box Resources

By CIOReview | Friday, June 26, 2015

PALO ALTO, CA: Pica8, provider of operating system software for white box switches that simplifies the integration of SDN into data center announces to support Edge-Core’s Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) 48-port white box bare metal switch.

Edge-Core Networks is a professional networking solution provider offering a complete range of enterprise-level, service provider/carrier Ethernet, LAN/connectivity, and home security networking equipment and services.

“Pica8 sees the need to add more breadth to our portfolio, thereby offering more of a one stop shop for these providers. Over the past six months, we have introduced MPLS Labeled BGP, 100 GbE switches, network virtualization, OpenStack and VXLAN support.  With this new 48-port PoE switch, Pica8 is filling a network need for regional service providers to sell services right into the customer premises,” says Steve Garrison, Vice President of Marketing, Pica8.

By using white box networking, service providers can sell new services to light up their small and medium business (SMB) customer network applications at buildings and multi-tenant locations, thereby offering a more complete solution to end users and increasing revenue per subscriber.

White box networking/switches refers to the ability to use ‘generic’, off-the-shelf switching/networking and routine hardware, in the forwarding plane of a software defined network (SDN).

The Edge-Core AS4610-54P bare-metal switch supports PoE and has 4x10G SPF+ uplinks and is ARM based with the Heilix-4 ASIC. The Edge-Core AS4610-54T is also supported (non PoE version).