PICS Auditing Rebrands to Avetta

By CIOReview | Wednesday, April 6, 2016

IRVINE, CA: Earlier this week, the global provider of supply chain risk management solutions and logistics—PICS Auditing, declared the company’s novel corporate logo, name and brand. The company is rebranded as Avetta, which signifies the evolution of PICS Auditing to support its clients without any compromises.

“We’ve seen unprecedented acceleration in our innovation, growth, and performance,” said John Herr, CEO of Avetta. “Our brand transformation better represents where the company is today and our global vision for the future. We’re truly working to build the connections that build the world.”

PICS Auditing has provided supply chain risk management solutions for more than a decade to numerous global organizations in the smooth operation of their business. Earlier, PICS was known as “Pacific Industrial Contractor Screening,” however the new branding of the company clearly notifies itself as a global brand. The new name exemplifies the company’s trait of working with leading companies worldwide, offering its clients with supply chain risk management and regulatory compliance. Furthermore, the new name also reflects the trustworthy behavior of the company towards its clients with an essence of technology and human insights.

“At the heart of our business, we “vet” suppliers, contractors, and opportunities. We deliver this through adaptive technology and human insight. The “Avetta” name encompasses these core values,” explains Herr. The rebranding signifies the successful evolution of the company in the field of auditing, safety and compliance heritage. The company embraces ongoing business trends such as supply chain optimization, supplier performance management, big data analytics, and extensive business network model.

“We’re simply doing much more today than when we first founded this business,” said John Moreland, Founder of Avetta. “This rebrand reflects our commitment to building on a legacy, which we’re immensely proud of, in order to deliver long-term growth and sustainability to our customers.”