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Pipeline Inspection Bots to Secure Pipeline Networks

By CIOReview | Thursday, July 11, 2019

Development of one-centimeter robots to fly, crawl, and swim through the gas pipeline, water supply facilities, and sewage plants, to ensure the total protection of the pipeline.

FREMONT, CA:  PureRobotics, a bot product by Pure Technology are designed to transport sensors and tools through water pipelines, gas lines and sewage treatment pipeline alike. The features include HD digital, pan tilt zoom, closed-circuit television for video streams, inertial measurement unit for mapping, 3D LIDAR scanning tools, and 2D laser tech to measure pipeline size, shape, and level of corrosion.

PureRobotics is a modular, powerful inspecting robotic system helping utilities to screen their problem areas and gain a better understanding of the condition of their assets. The in-pipe inspecting bots can crawl to 2.9 km from a single point of access, with a speed of 25 feet per minute. Since the introduction, the bots have delivered data from more than 28,000 pipes.

In a paper by Zion Market Research, it was stated that bots are introduced to reduce human presence in areas of dangerous work environment especially in the pipeline industry that transport oil, water, and gases which are meant to face corrosion, leakage, cracks, and other serious types of damages. As the demand for non-renewable resources is increasing, the call for expert robots for the in-pipe inspection will also increase in the market.

The global market for these bots is increasing and will be expanding to two billion USD in the next six years; more than triple of today's $600 million in sales.

 Xylem, leading water supplying and treatment plant purchased Pure Technologies, a platform for an advanced engineering solution, to expand its steps in oil and gas market facilities. The collaboration is made to manufacture products by utilizing Pure’s digital inspection expertise with mechatronics.

 Along with Xylem, Eddyfi, a provider for testing equipment combined with Inukton, a bot manufacturer, to perform the tasks in detecting the pipeline problems.

In addition to Xylem and Eddyfi, some of the other contributors in the similar areas include CUES, Envirosights, GE inspection Robotics, IBAK Helmut Hunger, Medit (Fiberscope), RedZone Robotics, MISTRAS Group.

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