PipelineDB's Open Source SQL Database Enables Extraction of Valuable Data in Real Time

By CIOReview | Thursday, July 9, 2015

FREMONT, CA: Pipeline DB, a Y Combinator Winter graduate, announced the availability of the open source version of its streaming SQL database product.

PipelineDB’s fundamental abstraction is what is called a continuous view. The most important property of continuous view is that they only store their output in the database. That output is then continuously updated incrementally as new data flows through streams, and raw stream data is discarded once all continuous views have read it. PipelineDB makes it possible to stream raw data directly into the database where only the distilled output of predefined continuous views is stored, effectively eliminating the need for complex processing in front of the database.

PipelineDB combines filtered ideas of continuous processing and distillation to provide a simple and efficient platform for analyzing highly fluid, growing, changing datasets in real time. As an evolution of the traditional static SQL database, PipelineDB runs predefined SQL queries continuously on streams without having to store raw data. While PipelineDB is designed to make continuous data processing infrastructure simpler and more efficient, its most ambitious goal is to make the life of the developer as easy as possible.

“We think that most data-processing technology will be continuous in the future, so we couldn't be more excited to release PipelineDB as open source today,” says Derek Nelson,Co-founder & CEO, PipelineDB.