Pivot3's vSTAC OS Management Client Integration Plug-In Maximizes Centralized Visibility for Critical Operations

By CIOReview | Monday, January 4, 2016

AUSTIN, TX:  Business organizations thrive on IT infrastructure that is fast, agile and operationally efficient. Next-generation datacenter infrastructure delivers cloud-like economics and agility through security and reliability of on-premise solutions. Leveraging the benefits of hyper-convergence technology, Pivot3, a provider of hyper-convergence solutions announces the release of vSTAC OS Management Client Integration Plug-In to give system administrators a single point of control of Pivot3’s hyper-converged infrastructure technology in a familiar VMware interface.

The plug-in provides centralized visibility and control of the Pivot3 and VMware infrastructure. The latest development eliminates the need to switch between two different interfaces to control all functions. Users can now directly manage Pivot3’s HyperSAN from the VMware interface. Without the Plug-in, administrators needed to access separately the Pivot3 vSTAC manager and the VMware vCenter Server client.

Hyper-converged infrastructure natively integrates compute and storage into a single x86-based server deployed in scale-out clusters. It reduces power and space and eliminates storage complexity.

The vSTAC OS Management Client Integration Plug-In allows users to directly monitor features Pivot3’s GHCI(Global Hyper-converged Infrastructure) solution that  includes features such as Preventive Failure, Virtual global sparing, status of rebuilds and Storage efficiency. The solution allows administrators to identify and monitor drives that are beginning to fail. The high fault tolerance allows systems to restart automatically in case of appliance failures. Preventing drive failures from affecting business continuity, users can monitor the status of rebuild process that begins immediately upon drive failure. The graphical representations demonstrate storage usage and availability thereby allowing administrators to fine-tune storage strategy and execution at any point.

The company is including vSTAC OS 7 software to VMware vSphere 6, the virtualization platform for hybrid cloud and the foundation for the software-defined data center. The vSTAC OS Management Client Integration Plug-In will enable users to manage their entire vSphere and Pivot3 hyper-converged platforms from a central vCenter console.

 “We’ve designed this interface to achieve maximum simplicity when performing critical operations such as adding appliances or monitoring hardware failures,” says Ron Nash, CEO,Pivot3.