Pixel Film Studios Unveils New Feature to Create Dithering Effects for FCPX

By CIOReview | Wednesday, September 30, 2015

ALISO VIEJO, CA: Pixel Film Studios launches ProDither for Final Cut Pro X to create retro dithering effects. FCPX users can now recreate old video game looks with quantization dithering methods. ProDither eases the process of dither, posterize and pixellate for its users.

ProDither offers 30 presets to choose from mild dither effects to more erratic effects depending upon the scene quantization. Users can drag the desired preset onto the pictures and videos in the FCPX timeline. Once the preset is dropped on the timeline, it can be adjusted to the required dither, posterize and pixellation amount. The pixellation amount lets users to recreate the look of an 8-bit video game; dither amount allows users to enhance the details within the scene and lastly the saturation slider that enables the color adjustments to match the looks.

In order to change the dither pattern applied on the screen, users can take help of the ProDither OSC (On Screen Control) position control to the bottom left corner for square shaped patterns, top left corner for vertical dither patterns and to the bottom right corner for creating horizontal dither patterns.