Placeit Video to Create Sophisticated Demo Videos in Minutes: Placeit

By CIOReview | Wednesday, April 29, 2015

SAN FRANCISCO, CA: Placeit, a company that creates iPhone mockups and iPad mockups for technology marketers and entrepreneurs has launched Placeit Video to help them create high quality app demo videos automatically in a very less time.

Placeit provides a variety of environments that includes office, home, nature, social, and gaming, as well as devices such as iPad, iPhone, Mac products, and Android for users to create videos.

The latest release of Placeit Video saves the user’s expenses related to videography and photo shoots as they now have to just record on their screen while they use their app. Placeit automatically converts each and every click and swipe, into hand gesture which in turn leads to the actual swiping of the person, tapping and performing the hand gestures on the video. After production, users can push the video to YouTube with a single click and make additional sound and visual edits. For video, users can record up to one-minute demos with two types of video templates: micro commercials with user stories or simple app walkthroughs.

"Producing a video can be very expensive. Even if you manage to do it yourself, you waste a ton of time and achieve mediocre results. We've merged beautiful videography and professional video processing into one experience so you can go from recording your demo to having a finished product in minutes," Navid Safabakhsh, CEO, Placeit.