Plateful of Food Nourished with IoT
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Plateful of Food Nourished with IoT

By CIOReview | Tuesday, June 11, 2019

FREMONT, CA: No restaurant in the food industry can entirely function on human labor without using the equipment for its working and production, which makes machines a primary resource. Equipment failure can be experienced often in an industry that carries out its operation and manufacture with the help of different machines, so scheduled maintenance procedures using IoT technology is essential for companies.

The scheduled maintenance can prevent breakage issues in the machines and prepare it for smooth running along with proactive monitoring to make sure, the equipment is maintained as per their requirements. If adopted, IoT can play a vital role in preventing machine failures, enhancing production efficiency, and still turn out to be cost-effective for the company. As per the functions of IoT, a company can use the data stored to increase production and make effective decisions to take care of the equipment by monitoring machines like stoves and refrigerators for any breakage, compliance, and temperature.

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IoT sensors can be connected to the equipment to monitor and manage the performance and condition of the machinery by the restaurant managers. IoT solutions can help in remote monitoring that can collect data to make sure the record and food warming stations are kept under favorable temperatures and fulfill regulatory standards. Sensors connected to the equipment can make operators aware of the need to maintain machines before it becomes too late to repair and help the staff in managing sensitive assets in keeping with updated regulatory standards of the tools.

IoT solutions have become accessible and affordable in the restaurant business with time and maturing technology. Numerous IoT vendors and providers have been building and setting up simple sets of easy-to-implement and cost-effective wireless sensors, which tend to monitor critical equipment proactively in any size.

Apart from maintenance, IoT solutions can help in remote kitchen management to diminish energy use and cost, food waste management, safe cooking surroundings, sleek workflows, and automated Supply chain management. Equipment failure and kitchen disasters are uncertain and repairing incurs a significant cost, therefore to ease the loss, the company can make use of continual low-cost, real-time monitoring and notification systems.

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