Platfora 5.2 Features Native Integration to Tableau

By CIOReview | Tuesday, April 5, 2016

FREMONT, CA: Platfora has announced the latest release of its Big Data Discovery platform–the version 5.2– which comes with integrated data analytics software from Tableau. Platfora 5.2 also features Lens-Accelerated SQL, and can operate on a Hadoop cluster through YARN, that supports business users to conduct big data analytics using their preferred Business Intelligence (BI) tool.

The Tableau integration enables users to export raw data as well as data in the TDE format to Tableau Desktop. Moreover, with the Lens-Accelerated SQL feature, users can leverage Platfora “lenses” to analyze petabyte-scale data within a minimal timeframe. Version 5.2 also provides business users the ability to broaden the advantages of its Big Data Discovery solution to any BI tool.

Another feature of the updated version is the Enhanced Vizboards that provides improved data visualization capabilities with a responsive interface, intelligent default visualizations, and a uniform color scheme. In addition, operating Platfora 5.2 on the Hadoop cluster lets IT departments and professionals benefit from the on hand hardware installations while allowing them to modify computing resources when needed.

“Getting value out of big data is more than just slicing and dicing billions of records and it can’t only be the domain of a data scientist. It requires discovering what you have and getting the data ready for analysis to use without boundaries,” says Peter Schlampp, VP of Products, Platfora. “We are dedicated to providing flexible, open tools that can address modern data challenges, and Platfora 5.2 opens up the transformative power of big data to business users by enabling them to use the BI tools they know and love, further empowering ‘citizen data scientists’ across enterprises.”