Platform-Independent Zulu Grabs the Eyes of Java Experts

By CIOReview | Wednesday, November 4, 2015

SAN FRANCISCO, CA: Azul Systems has made the pre-release build of Zulu, the OpenJDK for Java 9 SE platform, available in the market.  Zulu, an enterprise-grade solution that can be deployed on multiple platforms like Cloud, Linux, Windows, Mac, Hypervisors and Docker; free to download, use and redistribute.

Being a trusted provider of key applications for businesses running on different versions of Java since the way back from the time Java 6 was in trend; Azul assures to update Zulu and commercialize it in pulse with the development of Java 9 project. It provides an early look at Java 9 and gives out real value to global users with Java Binaries.

Java 9 is expected to include many long-awaited sparkling features. Under the project Jigsaw, it takes a modular approach that brings down the lines-of-code required for a particular implementation. HTTP API, command-line tool and JShell API are the brand-new features being incorporated into the platform. According to the schedule, Java 9 is set to be available as a fully-built platform by September 2016.