Platforms Integration Uplifts the Channel Marketing Reliability

By CIOReview | Monday, December 14, 2015

NEW YORK, NY: Channel marketing increases the possibility of Software as a Service (SaaS), being a success. StructuredWeb, an SaaS channel marketing software provider and Relayware, SaaS based partnering automation and partner relationship management (PRM) solutions provider, recently joined hands for the integration of two channel platforms.

Vendors are depending on different channel partners to market and sell their products. The world of channel marketing can be complex due to the intricate connections between vendors and channel partners because it relies heavily on one another’s success. In such scenario, StructuredWeb is redefining the channel marketing world with its 5C strategy. The strategy outlines five critical stages of partner engagement and marketing across its partners. The 5Cs of the strategy is as follows - 

Create-The basis of channel marketing strategy depends on the ability to create effective and efficient channel marketing programs.

Connect- StructuredWeb platform help vendors connect their channel partners under one central hub and simultaneously enable them to provide assets, tools and resources to execute marketing successfully.

Communicate-The marketing success depends on effective communication through channel partners to end customers.

Convert-The right strategy is must to help partners capture and nurture leads through the sales funnel. This is possible with advanced lead capture tactics, automated lead distribution and intelligent automated lead nurture streams. These tools and processes help to convert more leads into opportunities and drive channel sales.

Calculate-Performance track-ability and feedback is essential for any strategy. With complete reporting and real-time analytics, users can calculate performance throughout the channel.

With new API integration, Relayware and StructuredWeb are trying to benefit the vendors. The new partnership provides comprehensive solutions supporting end-to-end visibility and management of channel eco-systems, creating additional benefits for each company’s customers.

The first implementation of channel marketing went live with Kaspersky Lab, common customer of both StructuredWeb and Relayware. “Our work with StructuredWeb and Relayware has brought the Kaspersky Lab Partner Program to the next level and is a key component to the benefits we offer our partners,” says Jon Whitlock, Vice President of B2B Marketing, Kaspersky Lab, North America.

With this partnership, StructuredWeb customers will be able to access critical information surrounding partner activity and grip that information in the strategic planning, execution and optimization of channel marketing activities. Relayware customers get the capability of smooth access to a best-in-class channel marketing automation platform. “This partnership will provide both StructuredWeb and Relayware customers with more effective channel management capabilities and enable more productive and profitable relationships,” states Michael Coscetta, Vice President of Sales & Marketing, StructuredWeb.