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Pliant Technologies Trumpets the CrewCom CB2ProfessionalWireless Intercom system

By CIOReview | Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Pliant Technologies widens its range of professional Intercom offerings with the latest CrewComCB2.

FREMONT, CA: Adding to the success of its renowned CrewCom digital wireless intercom system, Pliant Technologies trumpets the CrewCom CB2ProfessionalWireless Intercom system. The latest CrewCom family member, the full-duplex,install-friendly, and feature-packed CrewCom CB2, is the best solution for small to mid-level applications needing a reliable wireless intercom with excellent RF coverage and range.

Available in 900MHz and 2.4GHz frequency choices and 900MHz Oceania and2.4GHz CE compliant models, the system comprises the CrewCom CB2 base station and up tosixCRP-12two-channel radio packs to create a powerful but economic wireless intercom system. This solution from Pliant offers customers two intercom channels and interconnectivity to all industry-standard two-and four-wire intercom systems.

As a member of the CrewCombrand, CrewCom CB2 provides a lower cost per user with the excellentRF and audio quality of the CrewCom system—enabling customers to benefit from the exceptional performance of CrewCom technology at a reduced price point. Based on the same RFand audio technologies as Pliant’s successful CrewCom system, another feature of the theCB2 is system expandability.TwoCB2 base stations can be connected and the audio synced to generate one system with up to12full-duplex users.TwoseparateCB2systems can also be synced to ensure RF performance if they require to be co-situated in thesameRFarea.TheCB2 can also sync and be co-located in the same coverage area as an existing CrewCom system.

The latest CrewComCRP-12 radio packs feature the same batteries as CrewCom, making the cells compatible with its 6+6 Drop-In radio pack and charger. The system is compatible with Pliant’s complete line of SmartBoom headsets. This affordable wireless system claims simple deployment, and its small, lightweight IP65-rated belt packs are reliable, durable, and seamless to function. Featuring 7K audio quality, CrewComCB2 users are sure to experience clear communication in various production environments like theaters, houses of worship, and small events.