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Pliant Technologies Unveils CrewCom CB2 Professional Wireless Intercom System

By CIOReview | Friday, February 5, 2021

Pliant Technologies is announcing the CrewCom CB2 Professional Wireless Intercom system, in addition to its renowned CrewCom optical wireless intercom system.

FREMONT, CA : Pliant Technologies is announcing the CrewCom CB2 Professional Wireless Intercom system, in addition to the success of its renowned CrewCom optical wireless intercom system. The latest full-duplex, install-friendly, and feature-packed CrewCom CB2 is the newest member of the CrewCom family, an appropriate solution for small to mid-level applications that require a secure, great-sounding wireless intercom with excellent RF coverage and range.

The system includes the CrewCom CB2 ground station and up to six CRP-12 two-channel radio packs, accessible in both 900 MHz and 2.4 GHz frequency versions, as well as 900 MHz Oceania and 2.4 GHz CE compatible variants, to develop an efficient yet economical wireless intercom system. The new Pliant approach offers two intercom channels to consumers and even inter-connectivity to every industry standard two-and four-wire intercom system.

"Ideal for a wide range of applications and budgets, the new CrewCom CB2 is perfect for customers who are looking for an intercom with more capabilities than our MicroCom products, but do not require roaming or the full feature set of our larger CrewCom system," says Gary Rosen, Vice President of Global Sales for Pliant Technologies. "As a member of the CrewCom brand, CrewCom CB2 offers a lower cost per user with the excellent RF and audio quality of the CrewComsystem—allowing customers to benefit from the exceptional performance of CrewCom technology, at a lower price point."

Another advantage of the CB2 is device expansion ability, based on the same RF and audio technologies as Pliant's popular CrewCom system. It is possible to connect two CB2 base stations and sync the audio to build one device with up to 12 full-duplex users. In order to ensure RF output, two separate CB2 systems can also be synced if they must be co-located in the same RF region. In the same service area as an existing CrewCom system, the CB2 can again synchronize and be co-located.

Featuring the same batteries as CrewCom, the new CrewComCRP-12 radio packs make the batteries compliant with its 6+6 Drop-In radio pack and battery charger. The device is also familiar with the full line of SmartBoom headsets from Pliant.

The inexpensive wireless system is easy to set up and dependable, robust, and easy to operate with its lightweight, light weight IP65-rated belt packs. CrewCom CB2 users are likely to experience crystal clear contact with 7K audio quality in several production settings, like theaters, worship houses, and other small events.